Welcome to New Lynn Islamic Centre

    • New Lynn Islamic Centre resumes from 3rd Dec 2021, 5:00am onwards under following strict restrictions: 
                      – No Mask, No entry.
                      – Its mandatory to show vaccination passport, else no entry (Mandated by Govt of NZ)
                      – Maintain 1 meter distance always.
                      – Scan covid tracer QR code on each visit.
                      – Children under 12 years of age are NOT allowed.
                      – Follow instructions from volunteers and committee members.
                      – Jummah will take place in 2 buildings with maximum of 100 people in each building.
                      – No exceptions, No arguments as Police help will be taken. 
  • If you are unwell or got any flu like symptoms, please stay at home and check with your Doctor.
  • Do not park cars on yellow lines as they are reserved for Police, Ambulance & Fire engine.
  • Please be considerate to others and Thank you all for your kind co-operation and support.

Jamat timings - December 2021


“And when you have completed the prayer, remember Allah standing, sitting, or [lying] on your sides. But when you become secure, re-establish [regular] prayer. Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times.”

[Surah Nisa , Verse 103]


“When a human being dies all their actions and blessings come to an end, except for these three things: continuous charity (sadaqa jariyah), the knowledge from which they have benefited, and a blessed child who prays for them.”

[Muslim, Al-Wasiyya (Bequests); 14]

Hall Booking

This Centre is available for all Islamic functions with prior approval and bookings.

Contact Brother Haroon 0274 300 177

Madarsa Classes


Classes for Boys and Girls at this centre for 6 to 16 years old.

Monday to Friday 5pm to 7pm.

Male and Female teachers available

Contact Maulana Abubakar at NIC after Fard salat.

Important Islamic Dates

Al-Isra’wal Mi’raj 

Night of 27 Rajab

March 12

Nisf Sha’ban

Night of 15 Sha’ban

March 30


1 Ramadan

April 15

Battle of Badr

17 Ramadan

May 1

Eid ul Fitr

1 Shawwal

May 14

Dhul Qadah

1 Dhul Qadah

June 13

Day of Arafah

9 Dhul Hijjah

July 21

Eid ul Adha

10 Dhul Hijjah

July 22


1 Muharram

August 11


10 Muharram

August 20

All above dates are predicted for NZ and are subject to moon sighting
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