Mosque extension project:

Our mission is to extend our mosque by extending our existing building to facilitate bigger prayer halls, islamic functions like Nikah, exclusive hall for ladies and Ghusl facilities etc. 

For further information please contact Br Shamim Khan.

Estimated project cost is 1.2M dollars approximately and In-shā-ALLAH with your help and dedication we can achieve this milestone.

Funds to be raised: $1.2M
Money in Bank 16%

Weekly meetings minutes:

  • Foundation including excavation – Feb 2023.
  • Share fund raising links on Social media including private contacts.
  • Monthly or yearly subscriptions to support this construction.
  • Start visiting people’s houses to raise funds. 
  • Folders with detailed plans printed and distributed to brothers.
  • Flyers and handouts printed and in circulation. 
  • Frequent announcements in Jummah and monthly programs.

Collection Books:

10001 – Maulana Abubakr.

10601 – Br Afsar Afzaly

10201 – Br Alfaz

11001 – Br Haroon

10101 – Br Farooq

11801 – Mohammed Sahid Chacha

11901 – Br Fareed

11102 – Br Shamim Khan

11501 – Sis Feroza


  • Br Shamim Khan – Chairman.
  • Mohammed Sahid Chacha – Fund raising Manager.
  • Br Alfaz and Br Haroon – Building and Maintenance.
  • Maulana Abubakr – Jamat coordination and managment.
  • Br Afsar Afzaly, Br Subaie Ishaque, Br Fareed – Security & IT management.



  • Mohammed Sahid Chacha
  • Br Afsar Afzaly
  • Br Subaie Ishaque